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qaf_land: It's a land community for the TV show Queer as Folk. There are three teams competing for games, graphics, writing, gifts etc. I think it'll be a lot of fun. Go check it out :D

A request and GPP (gratuitous pimp post)
Guys, I've created a new community to help fans find a fanfic they're having trouble finding. I belong to communties in other fandoms which do the same thing but I don't believe there's one in HP, dealing exclusively with H/G and R/Hr pairing. Anyway hgrhr_ficfinder (yeah, very creative I know :P) is here. Join if you like, pimp it to your friends.
I don't know how to make those shiny pimp buttons, if someone can help me with that, I'll be very grateful. Also would like some input on how to spread the word around, via other established communities etc.

Looking for that elusive fanfic? The one you can remember the plot for but not the name or the one whose author you remember but not where you read it? Bookmarked a fic but lost it? Well friends, don't despair. This is the community for you.

Post as much as you can remember about the story you're looking for and hopefully someone will be able to help you out. You can ask for stories of any rating, but not for anything other then fic (no spam, no announcments for your website, new fic, or request for recs). And most importantly: ONLY FICS WITH HARRY/GINNY or RON/HERMIONE AS THE PAIRING. If you're looking for Harry/Lavender, Ron/Hannah or Neville/Padma... this is not the place for it!

This is an open comm, though you must join before posting. Just click on the join link above. Anonymous comments are not allowed.

Play nicely with each other, and remember to thank people who go to the effort of finding links for you.

And don't hesitate to pimp this community to all your H/G, R/Hr fic loving friends

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